To represent the mainstream voice of Kashmiri Pandits across the globe.
To protect the socio-cultural identity of the KPs and to provide relief and support to deserving members of the community.
To reclaim our legitimate space in Kashmir – Social, Cultural, Economical & Political.


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EDITORIAL for ‘Naad’ February 19 Issue

Dear Readers, In this election year various political formations shall again visit Kashmiri Pandits for getting their support for voting them to power. What has been observed since many years is that, political parties use ethnic cleansing as an election issue to garner the votes from people, and after winning the elections, forget about the…

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EDITORIAL for ‘Naad’ January 19 Issue

Dear Readers, “In the time of Universal deceit, telling truth is a revolutionary act.”– George Orwell Kashmiri Hindus around the globe observe 19 th January as ‘Holocaust Day’. It was on this day when Jihadis, fully armed and abetted by terror state Pakistan, along with their local outfits, pounced upon the miniscule Hindu minority of…

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EDITORIAL for ‘Naad’ December 18 Issue

Dear Readers, Namaskar, The political affairs in Jammu and Kashmir have seen continuous somersaults. First there was the political dispensation of different ideological currents which ruled the state for more than three years and which proved to be determinantal to national interests. The alliance partners prepared together a coalition doctrine which was named as agenda…

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