25 Years in Exile, How many years more ?

return to kashmir

Kashmiri Hindus pushed into exile by radical muslims have been living the hard life away from natural habitat since January 1990. During years of exile Kashmiri Hindus have been forced to live in cramped places from spacious and ventilated traditional bungalows. During initial years of internal displacement from Kashmir many died due to snake bites and Sun Strokes. Despite many hardships community continued to invest in education of next generation and got support from Shri Balasaheb Thackeray and Shri Jagmohan. According to recent survey at-least one of the family member in most of the families is suffering from diseases like hypertension, diabetics, Arthritis, Stomach problems, slip-disc, cases of cancer have gone-up. Most have not been able to celebrate community functions, family functions with extended family members. Some have settled in clusters and have developed ways of celebrating community functions together, but that doesn’t give them the satisfaction of their own native place kashmir. Deep inside they cherish to go back, but the slogans of 19th January 1990, Jihad and other incidents are not easy to forget. I appeal to International leaders to help rehabilitate kashmiri aboriginals over a stretch of land in Kashmir. This will give them confidence of safety. They can develop this stretch of land as hub of economic activity, this will not only benefit Kashmiri Hindus but also strengthen those Muslims who have been targeted by extremist factions in Kashmir.

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