AIKS Communique – AIKS Writ Petition in Supreme Court

A meeting of AIKS core group and some other Biradari members connected with the ongoing case in the Hon Supreme court of India, concerning the distress sale of properties by the displaced KPs, was held at J N Memorial Hall, KECSS, Pamposh Enclave, on 12 Sept 2015. The aim was to receive a cross section of opinion on the issue from those affected by the case and those who have been involved with it right from its inception. Following were present:-

Sh. Vijay Aima

Sh. M K Kaw

Sh. A N Kaul Sahib

Sh. H L Wangnoo

Col Tej K Tikoo

Sh. M K Pajan

Dr Romesh Raina

Sh. R K Kaul

Sh. M L Malla

Sh. G J Kampassi

Dr R K Tikoo

Sh. A K Bhatt

Sh. Sanjay Ganjoo

Sh. Arun Shalia

After discussing the matter threadbare, the following points emerged:-

1. Efforts need to be made to collect all information about the distress sale of properties by our community members, as conveyed through the AIKS communique on the subject sent earlier. Producing such irrefutable evidence will strengthen our case greatly.

2. It was pointed out that the Hon Court should also hold the DCs of each district responsible for distress sale, as according to the Law concerning the distress sale of properties by KPs, post 01 Nov 1989, the DCs were/are required to compile all the details of all such properties sold in their respective districts. In case the DC has given specific permission to anyone to sell his property, this record too should be produced by him in the Court.

3. A large number of properties were sold prior to 1997, when this law came into effect. Such cases too should be pursued. However, it was pointed out that the Hon Supreme court will not adjudicate that issue, as that falls in the domain of the Legislative process, for which the political leadership will have to be contacted.

4. It was decided to hold further meetings in this regard to firm up our response.

5. It was decided to brief the lawyers accordingly as the matter is now nearing conclusion.

Col (Dr.) Tej K Tikoo

Spokesman, AIKS

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