MoM of AIKS AGM 2019 at New Delhi on 1.02.2020

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The meeting commenced with a one minute silence when members stood to pay homage to a large number of Community members, AIKS Life Members and National leaders who, left their mortal frame for Vaikunth since the last AGM.

These were Prof. O N Koul, Prof. B N Kalla, Dr. M L Hashia, Prof. M K Teng, Sh. A N Kaul Sahib, Sh. A K Dewani, Sh. M K Kaw, Sh. M L Koul, Sh. Mohan Lal Sar, Sh. Anant Kumar, Sh. Atal Behari Bajpai, Sh. Madan Lal Khurana, Sh. Arun Jaitley, Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Sh. George Fernandes and Sh. Manohar Parikar.


Those who attended the meeting were:

1.     Col. Tej K Tikoo


2.     Sh. Vijay Kashkari

3.     Sh. M K Pajan

4.     Sh. A K Raina

5.     Smt. Shakun Malik

6.     Sh. S K Handoo

7.     Sh. Shiban Khaibri


8.     Sh. Umesh Moza


9.     Sh. A K Wattal

10.  Sh. Rajinder Kaw

11.  Sh. S K Bhan

12.  Sh. M K Kaul

13.  Sh. Rajinder Raina

14.  Sh. R K Kaul


15.  Sh. Pradeep Peshin


16.  Sh. Sudhir Shah

17.  Sh. Sanjay Sapru

18.  Sh. Sunil Raina Rajanaka

19.  Sh. Sunil Kaul

20.  Smt. Bharti Kaul



The General Secretary then proceeded with the meeting as per the Agenda.


The minutes were read and adopted after confirmation.


While welcoming those who were participating, particularly those who travelled from outside NCR and India, he felt sad for those who could not participate due to some personal difficulties encountered by them. He showed concern on the affairs of the community where an element of cynicism had penetrated due to neglect. He emphasised that KP community must maintain focus on our land of ancestors, Kashmir, despite the low emotional connect of the younger generation who were born after 1990. We must compel the Government to take us back and maintain the momentum on for our return, he opined. Despite Government apathy our community has worked hard and survived with dignity. For our return the Government of India must take responsibility to ensure no further exodus. The tag ‘Migrant’ has been attributed to us wrongly whereas we are IPD’s or refugees in our own land.

He then proceeded to give historical background about formation of AIKS, which is a loose confederation of affiliates where AIKS main role is to provide strategic direction based on feedback received from affiliates. He mentioned about AIKS performing multiple programmes to keep KP aspirations alive.

He brought the attention of the audience to an inherent weakness in the AIKS structure emanating from lack of any physical asset with the organisation. Though creating an asset like land & building would have been easier in years gone by when eminent KPs were holding very powerful positions, he said that AIKS is still taking steps to find means to create a revenue generating asset.


Next the General Secretary read out report of activities undertaken since last AGM. The text of the said report was circulated with the agenda document.


The Treasurer, Sh. Sanjay Sapru next presented the audited report and balance sheet for the years 2017-18 & 2018-19 which were adopted after approval.

The body also approved reappointment of Auditors M/s KS Gupta & Co. whose term expired and are eligible for reappointment.

The treasurer then made a PPT presentation on the financial health of your organization giving details of source of income & expenditure. A healthy debate followed where large number of members participated. It was concluded to make AIKS publications, NAAD & Vaakh, viable with active support of affiliates through donations, advertisements, increase in membership both individual & organizational level. The members supported creation of a Corpus Fund by AIKS to strengthen its sustainability and suggested ways & means be found to achieve this objective.


Background about this decades old project was presented. The legal agreement executed in November 2006 between AIKS & Kashur Sumchar (KS) was explained, whereby the project is operated through a Joint Management Committee (JMC) formed as per terms & condition of the agreement. This JMC is reconstituted whenever there is change in leadership either at AIKS or KS.

Following change in leadership, a meeting was held on 24th November 2018, where several members of both organisations met at AIKS office. It was here that KS raised several issues concerning the existing agreement signed by both organizations. Since many core issues were raised, AIKS sought a written note from KS about their concerns which would have to be presented at AGM for consideration.

The changes desired by KS being very substantive in nature, they impact the basic tenants of the existing agreement.

A comparative note was placed before the members attending the AGM, which highlight terms of the existing agreement and proposed changes sought by KS were circulated in simple terms to make it understood.

After detailed deliberations on the issue, the members passed the following resolutions:

‘RESOLVED’ that the changes proposed by managing committee of KS dilute the basic essence of the agreement of 6th Nov 2006 entered between AIKS & KS. These changes are unacceptable and therefore, rejected.

Further ‘RESOLVED’ that KS will immediately provide names of their new nominees to AIKS, so that JMC is constituted as per terms of existing agreement, dated 06th Nov 2006, to carry forward the project to attain the basic objectives for which KS was established.

The President was authorised to take suitable action on the above based decisions


Members were informed of the discussion at the Executive Committee meeting held on 14th July, 2018 regarding this issue. Many Senior Executive Members, including S/Shri. M K Kaw, former President AIKS, A N Kaul ‘Sahib’, B B Dhar, C L Gadoo, had expressed in this meeting that AIKS Trust was formed by AIKS way back in 1993 and had paid the seed money for its formation at that stage. For many years AIKS Trust was part of AIKS but efforts were made many years back to separate the two bodies. It was reiterated that AIKS Trust should be brought back under the fold of AIKS so that confusion existing in the minds of the community on this account be set to rest.

On the demand of some members, the participants were informed about the sequence of events after Sh. M K Kaw relinquished his responsibility. Members expressed dissatisfaction at the sudden closure of Remedial Classes at Jagati midway which were helping needy students of Jagti Township, who otherwise travelled to Jammu City for tuitions. They sought to know reason for the abrupt stoppage.

The members taking into consideration the basic purpose for which AIKS Trust was formed and its journey since inception, unanimously approved and authorised President AIKS to take all necessary steps to seek merger of AIKS Trust with the parent body AIKS. Thus, they said, the objectives for which the Trust was established would be fulfilled.


A list of 60 members who have sought new life membership of AIKS was tabled and this was approvedAIKS welcomes these members and seeks their active participation.


Sh Rattan Kumar KaulSh Surinder SadhuSh Surindra Munshi
Sh Neelmani MallaGroup Captain Jatinder KaulSh Shaan Sapru
Sh Pradeep PeshinSh Vikram KaulSh Susheel Raina
Dr Utpal KaulSh Anil KaulSh R L  Shant
Sh Sumit SapruSh Rajinder RainaDr K L Chowdhury
Dr S K HandooSh Kuldeep DrabuSh B L Kaul “Deep”
Sh Shiban Krishan KhazanchiSh Rajinder TikooSh Puneet Dhar
Sh Kapil BhatSh Sanjay DharSh Rajesh Raina
Prof P N KaulSh Sameer BhatAshok Kumar Kaul
Col Raj Kumar MirakhurSh O N KaulSmt Vandana Ganjoo
Sh Sunil KaulSh Sudhir ShahSh Vijay Kumar Ganjoo
Smt Meenakshi KaulSh Vir Jee DulluSh Narinder Kumar Safaya
Sh Siddharth GanjooKumar M TikuSh Ashok Dudha
Sh Anil TikooSmt Gurpreet SapruSh Shiban Khaibri
Mrs Sinead KachrooSh Neelu DharSmt Lakshmi Kaul
Dr Rajinder KachrooBrig M K GanjuVirender Kumar Bhat
Smt Tushima TikooSh Sanjay KaulSh. Sunil Raina
Sh Rajeev RainaDr Anoop BangrooBrig P Bali
Sh Anil KawDr Vibha ZarabiSh. Deepak Mirza
Sh Vimal KaulSh Opinder Kumar SaprooDr. Etee Bahadur



The proposed changes sought to be made were tabled and following conclusions were made:

  1. Vice Presidents: Number of Vice Presidents currently limited to 15 will be modified and will be decided by the President as required. A minimum of one Vice President will be from overseas affiliates.
  2. Senior Vice President: AIKS shall have one “Senior Vice President” at all times.
  3. Secretaries: There will be two joint Secretaries in place of three.
  4. Secretary Youth Wing: There will be only one Youth Wing Secretary for Global Youth Coordination (GenNext).
  5. Secretary Women Wing: There will be only one Secretary Woman Wing to cover global activities.
  6. Clause 10: The present condition of holding AGM alongwith the election to the post of President AIKS, has been found to be out of sync with time and suffers from great flaws. Therefore clause 10 will have to be recast.

Suitable changes will be incorporated in the election process as existing in the constitution of AIKS. The President shall be elected by the use of ballot papers to be put into a ballot box on the date/time/venue to be decided by the Returning Officer.

The president was authorised to form a committee to suggest election process and secure approval as per rules.


Almost all the members actively participated in the proceedings. Main comments made are recorded below:


To enhance corpus amount, he agreed that AIKS need to develop revenue generating assets for sustainability of organisation. He suggested approaching Govt authorities for suitable land preferably in NCR. His other suggestions were to prepare global directory of the community, amendment to the AIKS constitution to make it socio political organisation and affiliates authorise AIKS to give political statement on behalf of community. He suggested digital upload of all records electronically.

Dr. M K Kaul

He suggested young writers should be encouraged to write for Naad. Further he suggested that funds should be raised by enlisting advertisements, sponsors and supported increasing membership.

On Shakti Nagar his view was that KS was a daughter organisation of AIKS and appealed for joint working by both KS & AIKS. He desired that the two organisations should sit together to sort out problems, if any. Intervening here, President AIKS stated that AIKS was willing to extend all help keeping in view the sentiments expressed by members attending AGM.


He suggested all rates for Naad, affiliate fee, membership fee for Life members & Patrons be increased. His suggestion was supported but Life membership was decided to be retained at Rs. 5000/- only.


AIKS was doing social service at good level. He proposed that free Naad should be stopped for both Life & Patron members and should be paid by them like others.


He favoured call to make AIKS a socio political organisation and revision in the constitution accordingly. He recalled that all affiliates had voluntarily joined AIKS and they must support it all ways for it to be the apex organisation. He demanded all affiliates to mention their being affiliates of AIKS on their letter head as done by Ambala Sabha.

He also pointed out to anomalies in rules of PM Scholarships provided to J&K students and wanted these scholarships to be provided to all wards of the community studying in J&K or outside of it. He wanted resolution of issues related to Shakti Nagar and AIKS Trust.


He conveyed the apathy of the community by rendering poetic verses.


She spoke at length about KoA working mechanism and their contribution to community in the field of education and health care. KoA was established in 1980 as a social organisation and has elected president every two years and focuses on transparency.

She explained how KoA youth members presently over 500 in numbers, are actively advocating against disinformation about Kashmir and India post revocation of article 370. She also spoke about desire of KP youth from USA to participate in social work as interns in USA and in Jammu.


The meeting ended with a vote of thanks.




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