Honorable Minister of State (Home Affairs), Government of India, Shri Hansraj Gangaram Ahir
Respected Shri Hansraj Ji

Namaskar. First, we would like to express our deep appreciation for the strong and capable leadership that you have provided to India. To reiterate our faith that you will set right all wrongs, we solicit a meeting with you on certain issues that continue to plague our Community. There has been neglect, apathy and lack of resolution of the problems of the Displaced Kashmiri Pandits. The threat to the sustainability of the community is exacerbating and needs to be addressed quickly and decisively at the leadership level. In short, it needs your intervention.

Kashmiri Pandits must be recognized as a bonafide, stand-alone party in the Kashmir conflict based on our indigenous heritage and the Genocide perpetrated on us. We desire to reclaim our way of life, which was violently snatched away from us in January 1990.We want security of life, liberty and consciousness in Kashmir and the ability to enjoy our full constitutional rights. The community first articulated this just demand in the historic (1991) Margdarshan Resolution but it has been thwarted and remains an unfulfilled aspiration. Government of India is now requested to formally engage with the community representatives so that confidence building steps can be initiated which could lead to –
1. Recognition of the exodus and ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits as Genocide.
2. Making available to the Displaced Kashmiri Pandits all benefits, relief and socio economic, civil and political rights as laid down in the international covenants of internally displaced persons uprooted from their Homeland due to religious and sectarian violence. Upgradation of the proposed State Temple and Shrine bill based on community guidance would be a good step in this direction.
3. According recognition to the displaced Kashmiri Pandit community as a legitimate stakeholder in the final solution to the current imbroglio.

We seek an institutional, inter-ministerial mechanism to coordinate with the Kashmiri Pandit representatives for the effective implementation of the above-mentioned demands and to deal with any other exigencies or contingent situations. Please consider setting up of –

1. Constitutional arrangements for the return and rehabilitation of all seven hundred thousand Displaced Kashmiri Pandits in a separate, single, concentrated Homeland carved out in the Valley of Kashmir.
2. The Constitution of India along with all associated laws and provisions be allowed to flow freely in the newly created geo-political territory without the shackles of Article 370 or Article 35A.
3. A high-power Tribunal with constitutional authority to establish which causal factors were responsible for the Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits and bring the perpetrators to justice.
4. An immediate appropriate authority, vested with powers flowing directly from the Centre to urgently implement suitable measures for protecting the millennia-old social, cultural and religious legacy of Kashmiri Pandits, which otherwise is fast facing obliteration at the hands of a radicalised mindset.

Over 1,500 of our community members have fallen to the wave of violent zealotry which has swept through Kashmir. Notwithstanding all the horrors that the community has suffered we have now arisen. Our resolve and determination to seek full Justice will only get stronger. This Memorandum is undergoing public review by KP members & associations and community ratification. A substantial majority of the community, see signatories below, have completed this process and others are joining in. In giving us Justice, India will strengthen its hands in Kashmir. GOI will not find a better partner than the Kashmiri Pandit community, in its effort to lead Kashmir out of the darkness that it has been plunged into.

We shall await your response.This Memorandum has been released globally on September 14, which is the day that Kashmiri Pandits honour as Martyrs Day.

Name of Organizational Head with Signature below
Colonel Tej K. Tickoo (Retd.)

Advocate Ravinder Raina

Mr. Hira Fotedar
Liaison and Past President

Dr. Ashok Koul

Mrs. Krishna Bhan
President and Director of Education Hindu Council

Mr. Sanjay Ganjoo

Mr. Utpal Aima

Dr. Sanjay Dhar

Sh. Moti Lal Malla

Mr. R. K. Mattoo

Mr. Rajesh Kaul

Sh. Ravinder Kumar Saproo

Mr. Veer Wangoo

Mr. Ash Raina

Ms. Indu Koul

Dr. Shafalica Bhan Kotwal
Founding Executive

Mr. Veer Khar

Dr Surinder Handoo

Mr. B. N. Kabu I. G. BSF (Retd.)

Mr. D. K. Ganjoo

Dr. Raj Kachroo

Mr. Maharaj Krishan Machama
President U. P.

Sh. Gopi Krishen Kaul

Utpal Kaul
Founding Member

Mr. Munish Jalali

Mr. Ravinder Pandita

Mr. Deepak Koul

Professor Renuka Dhar

Mr. Suneel Kaul

Mr. Sunil Bali

Dr. Chandan Kotwal

Mr. Sanjay Raina

Mr. Soman Dhar

Dr. Surinder Kaul

Mr. Rakesh Kaul

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